The story of two creative and analytical minds locked in a game of strategy. After just three opening moves by a chess player, more than 9 million positions are possible. Now imagine all the possibilities that are ahead of a fun, new brand?

For these two moms, Russian native Yana Kaszubska, and Indian-born Jasmine Shah, it was entrepreneurship at first meeting. Their paths crossed when Yana, a corporate executive at the time, worked with Jasmine, an event designer, to plan her son’s LEGO-themed birthday party.

And just like intuition is the defining quality of a great chess player, it is also a secret sauce in the world of business. Jasmine, who dreams in explosive fireworks of bright colors, and Yana, a spreadsheet whisperer and financial mastermind, instinctively knew their best move was to put their uniquely different skills together.

They drove miles, searched, sketched, sewed, matched, sorted, assimilated, styled and designed, redesigned, primped, printed and finally stuffed these delicious party supplies into one hell of a crate. And with that, CRATED® was born.