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As Sweet As Her Party Collection

First Birthday Party Supplies

Mini Party for 8

Instantly add to your party decor with these 1st birthday party supplies

Our mini pink gold party in a box complements this set perfectly!

Product Story

Your little girl is turning ONE! Life was a blank canvas until she came along infusing it with all shades of bright colors. It’s tough to read her mind, because she spends her day chugging down milk or reading books lazing around in your lap. One minute she is here, pouting at a picture in that big book, the next, she is off somewhere nibbling on whatever she gets her teeth into.

Celebrate with everyone who cherished the moments of her arrival into your world a year ago. This time she will not reach for your hair. She has her naughty eyes set on that smash cake, and we will be happy to be a part of it!

  • She is scaling the summit, one down, 99 more to go!
  • Memory seems to have more holes than cheese, where did time fly?
  • She tugs at your feet and you sit down to see the world from her tiny perspective.

PS. Every set comes with a link to our exclusive digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY!

What's Inside The Set

  • 8 Themed Metallic Foil Fill-In Invitations
  • 8 Metallic Stripes Envelopes With Liners
  • 8 Themed Metallic Foil Bottle Wrappers
  • 8 Themed Metallic Foil Place Cards
  • 8 Themed Rosette Cupcake Toppers
  • 8 White Paper Straws
  • 12 Themed Metallic Foil Straw Flags
  • 4 Themed Metallic Foil Food Labels
  • 1 Themed Metallic Foil Art Print


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