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gender reveal ideas
gender reveal party
Top Secret
Top Secret
Top Secret
Top Secret
gender reveal party in a box
Top Secret
007 Gender Reveal Collection

Top Secret

Adult Crates by Theme - FREE US Shipping!

Product Story

Life’s a glamorous gamble, play all your chips. Go with your gut. Leave enough intrigue to keep folks hot on your trail. You are a little wild-hearted about the little one you are about to meet, but this sophisticated party will show a different side of you. 

  • Whether you play pickles or ice cream, throw the trendiest party in town.
  • Will it be a bowtie or a bow? What are the odds?
  • We hope sleep won't be a mystery after your little baby Bond is born.

PS. Every crate comes with a digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY! 

Icing on the cake?! Your party supplies arrive in a high-quality keepsake box, the perfect place to store your favorite memories from the party. It's like we planned that or something! 

    What's Inside The Box

    • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Fill-In Invitations
    • 8/16/24 Metallic Stripes Lined Envelopes
    • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Bottle Wrappers
    • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Place Cards
    • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Rosette Cupcake Toppers
    • 8/16/24 Cupcake/Ice Cream "Yum" Cups
    • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Straw Flags
    • 4 Themed Metallic Foil Food Labels
    • 1 Themed Metallic Foil Art Print
    • 8/16/24 Large Metallic Striped Paper Plates                  
    • 8/16/24 Small Metallic Confetti Paper Plates
    • 8/16/24 Frosted Metallic Foil "Cheers" Cups
    • 25 White Paper Straws
    • 8/16/24 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Spoons 
    • 8/16/24 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Forks
    • 8/16/24 Metallic Petite Party Hats
    • 8/16/24 Metallic Mini Appetizer Cups
    • 8/16/24 Drawstring Linen Favor Bags
    • 8/16/24 Metallic Confetti Favor Tags
    • 8/16/24 Striped Paper Bags
    • 1 /2 Metallic Foil Paper Napkins (Set of 20 each)
    • 1 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Cake Topper
    • 1 Reusable Metallic "Celebrate" Banner
    • 1 Reusable Sequin Table Runner 108"x12"
    • 5 Reusable Sequin Decorative Balls
    • 6 "Eat Cake" Latex Balloons

    What's Reusable

    • Milk Bottles: Made from BPA-Free materials. Hand-washing recommended. All components are NOT microwave-safe.
    • Flatware: Dishwasher-safe.
    • Cake Topper: Dishwasher-safe, but due to its delicate design hand-washing is recommended.
    • “Cheers” Cups: Made from BPA-free materials. Hand-wash only. 
    • Table Runner: Hand-wash and lay flat to dry. DO NOT machine-wash or dry.
    • Cupcake/Ice Cream "Yum" Cups: To be used for pre-made foods only. NOT oven-safe.

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