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Cheers, Darling Party Collection

Classic Kate Party Supplies

Mini Party for 8

Planning a party is easy with a party in a box!

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Product Story

What do a set of truly independent, playful and confident women who empower one another do for togetherness sake? They clink champagne glasses, cross their peep toe pumps and laugh genuinely!

So stay real and get offline. Go from being chic digital to chic literal and give a modern twist to the retro game of XOXO. And invest in the only thing that has remained priceless in the classy and fabulous world of yours. Your true friends. When did you last share a favorite joke?

  • You are chic and levelheaded, that’s your tribe.
  • Go bold and graphic, just not with animal prints for outfits.
  • Fine girlfriends make for an exquisite company of jewels in your life.

PS. Every set comes with a link to our exclusive digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY!

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