Pirate Party
Pirate Party Collection

Captain Sea Gold

Stationery Set

Product Story

Imagine right across many real and virtual forests, swamps and seas, you were on a hunt to find a treasure chest. And when you find it, its ready to set off pretend play for your rookie captain and his cute pirate sidekicks in motion. That's all the loot that comes with this party stationery set. We believe in thoughtful planning and smooth sailing. Everything that glitters is indeed gold!

  • You won't be paying for the treasure with your hook and a peg leg.
  • Your move to have some cupcake "treasure" might seem legit.
  • These pirates will appear cute and harmless, so we suggest not to lose your guard around them.

PS. Every set comes with a link to our exclusive digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY!