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Recital de Ballet

Stationery Set

Product Story

Life's a balancing act. An intricate balance of tenacity, perseverance, resilience, perfection, grace and poise. Words that also describe ballet and your ballerina. Isn’t she the one who taught you the power of practice and endurance? To soar through air but to land on your feet just as softly without a thud. With those feet that fit into fresh satin pointe shoes she twirls in.

Come party with us at Crated and show children the delightful side of peeling away from their screens while beholding the transient moments of grace and poise. Get ready to throw a no hold "barre"d party! Shoulders back, long neck, stomach in, head- tilt, elbows up, arms our, legs straight. She does it all the time. She will prevail, and so will love!

5, 6, 7, 8, again!

PS. Every set comes with a link to our exclusive digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY!