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lego invitations
Master Builder
Building Blocks Party Collection

Master Builder

Stationery Set

Product Story

Growing up, did you have a favorite game you had wished to be our collective national pass time? That’s how a little master builder feels when he plays with his collection of blocks. Our party stationery set is full of supplies with bold and graphic colors, but with no hint of mind bending math. The shapes feel like they are emerging from their own obstacle courses. So, why not add a little geometry of celebration into the chemistry of people? And like an authentic block, be bold and stay true to your colors!

Just want to say, a party is a lot more than harmonized chaos and it won’t better any other way. And in the end, the pieces will all come together as one big delightful puzzle, er, party!

  • Choosing to mimic the geometric designs for your choice of outfits might make you the next pop star.
  • We don’t want to be your best friend or your favorite emoji, just your most used hashtag #CRATEDMasterBuilder.
  • Their curious little minds need very little imagination time for creating master pieces.

PS. Every set comes with a link to our exclusive digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY!