unicorn party supplies unicorn birthday party Sparkle & Shine Sparkle & Shine Sparkle & Shine Sparkle & Shine unicorn party in a box Sparkle & Shine
unicorn party supplies
unicorn birthday party
Sparkle & Shine
Sparkle & Shine
Sparkle & Shine
Sparkle & Shine
unicorn party in a box
Sparkle & Shine
Magical Unicorn Party Collection

Sparkle & Shine

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Product Story

See how to create a unicorn party HERE!

There is something about this mystical creature that has captured and survived our imagination for so many generations and that shows us the power of chasing unicorns. Staying true to your dreams, and to always believe in the breathtakingly beautiful. To follow to your fantasy to make it a believable reality. And to always sparkle! 

With sparkle and shine, we have created a party crate full of joyful things that your little unicorn lover needs in order to celebrate with her real and imaginary friends. A sweet child who deserves the fun and magic that comes in this elaborate set up you can display to celebrate her special day.

  • Keep spotting unicorns in rainbow colors but just don’t eat glitter for breakfast.
  • Unicorns will rub their eyes in wonder, the party is going to be so unbelievable!
  • Once you celebrate with Crated, we won’t blame you for believing that horses can fly.

PS. Every crate comes with a digital party planning guide, to help simplify the process and give you more time to PARTY! 

Icing on the cake?! Your party supplies arrive in a high-quality keepsake box, the perfect place to store your favorite memories from the party. It's like we planned that or something!  

What's Inside The Box

  • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Fill-In Invitations
  • 8/16/24 Metallic Stripes Lined Envelopes
  • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Bottle Wrappers
  • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Place Cards
  • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Rosette Cupcake Toppers
  • 8/16/24 Cupcake/Ice Cream "Yum" Cups
  • 8/16/24 Themed Metallic Foil Straw Flags
  • 4 Themed Metallic Foil Food Labels
  • 1 Themed Metallic Foil Art Print
  • 8/16/24 Large Metallic Striped Paper Plates                  
  • 8/16/24 Small Metallic Confetti Paper Plates
  • 8/16/24 Reusable BPA-Free Milk Bottles With Lids & Straws
  • 8/16/24 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Spoons 
  • 8/16/24 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Forks
  • 8/16/24 Metallic Petite Party Hats
  • 8/16/24 Metallic Gable Snack Boxes
  • 8/16/24 Metallic Candy/Fruit Cups
  • 8/16/24 Drawstring Linen Favor Bags
  • 8/16/24 Metallic Confetti Favor Tags
  • 8/16/24 Striped Paper Snack/Cookie Bags
  • 1/2 Metallic Foil Paper Napkins (Set of 20 each)
  • 1 Reusable Metallic Acrylic Cake Topper
  • 1 Reusable Metallic "Happy Birthday" Banner
  • 1 Reusable Sequin Table Runner 108"x12"
  • 5 Reusable Sequin Decorative Balls
  • 6 "Eat Cake" Latex Balloons

What's Reusable

  • Milk Bottles: Made from BPA-Free materials. Hand-washing recommended. All components are NOT microwave-safe.
  • Flatware: Dishwasher-safe.
  • Cake Topper: Dishwasher-safe, but due to its delicate design hand-washing is recommended.
  • “Cheers” Cups: Made from BPA-free materials. Hand-wash only. 
  • Table Runner: Hand-wash and lay flat to dry. DO NOT machine-wash or dry.
  • Cupcake/Ice Cream "Yum" Cups: To be used for pre-made foods only. NOT oven-safe.

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